Evolve with an expert.

It can be lonely at the top. For small and mid-sized businesses, it can be tough making the difficult decisions by yourself. The big decisions. Those that impact the competitiveness—and vulnerability—of your organization. How do you develop a fresh perspective on existing issues? How do you lead through this time of continuous transformation?

Positioning companies for growth.

The Degania Group can be your sounding board. We collaborate with you on the tough decisions and the day-to-day. We don’t add headcount, just someone as needed, to balance your strengths, counter your views, and add perspective.
The Degania Group serves as a trusted and objective advisor—a co-pilot who can listen, think, plan, and act decisively—to meet the increasingly complex and diverse needs your business faces.

You can engage us based on your needs: on a regular basis, “as-needed”, or just to work through one particular issue or conversation.

Evolve with new endeavors.

As your business grows and transforms, inflection points are difficult. Whether you are at a strategic crossroad, experiencing rapid growth, or maturing, evolution can be challenging and complicated.

Most businesses have enough staff to cover their day-to-day operations but don’t have the resources to operationalize new strategies or initiatives. We do.

We don’t just talk. We do.

Accelerating growth.

The Degania Group can provide the road map, project management, and resources to implement your strategies, plans, and projects.

We help you achieve and exceed your goals in less time, with less effort.

Evolve through engagement.

To sustain and grow an organization, a fundamental source of successes is individuals. People can hold a company back or they can be a driving force, propelling a company forward. While customers, competition, and operations can easily demand attention, how do you gather the right people in your organization and focus them on solving business challenges, generating new ideas, and driving growth?

Cultivating corporate growth.

The Degania Group creates opportunities to give your entire team a sense of ownership and involvement.

This engagement invigorates them with a passion and commitment to the ideas and solutions they generate.

Let your people impress you. Involve them. Challenge them. See what they can do.
There are many ways to see what can develop – from single sessions with structured follow-up to short-, mid-, and long-term programming. The Degania Group considers your goals, budget, people and culture – and works with you to design:

  • New programs and initiatives
  • Working sessions
  • “Sprints”
  • Off-sites
  • Retreats
  • Planning meetings

*Note: All of these can be adjusted for in-person, virtual, or blended approaches.

Evolve through Education.

“Change has never happened this fast before, and it will never be this slow again.”

Originally attributed to Graeme Wood, this sentiment has been echoed across industries, geographies, and academia.

With this increased velocity of change, cultivating capabilities, skills, and a drive to learn within an organization is powerful – and necessary. It builds value in your resources and improves engagement, ownership, and retention.

Catalyzing professional growth.

One-and-done training programs or workshops won’t generally move the needle. The Degania Group designs its programs to have a lasting impact. Skills need to be nurtured. They aren’t developed in a day.

Working with your professional development team, internal mentors, or others in your organization, we build a sustainable program that reinforces and holds people accountable to practice and demonstrate new skills and behaviors.

The Degania Group offers customized programs that are designed around the unique needs and nuances of your team, your culture, and the outcomes you need to achieve.

We are able to:

  • Provide group training, with (optional) follow-up
  • Develop and manage initiatives driving self-directed learning, development, and action
  • Develop a sustainable (and scalable) infrastructure for professional growth
  • Collaborate with internal training and development resources

We build programs to help people learn how to learn—from soft skills to emerging technologies—and to adapt to changes in your operations, organizational structure, and “ecosystem.”