Avoid Inertia.
Evolve Purposefully.

Evolve Purposefully

Address the increasingly complex and diverse
challenges for your business to stay relevant.

About Us

The Degania Group was founded in 2003 to ensure emerging and established companies remain responsive to change.

We navigate your company through a complex and rapidly evolving business environment by addressing strategic, organizational and situational opportunities and challenges, identifying approaches to grow your business and solve difficult problems.

Our solutions are designed and implemented to improve your bottom line, not ours.


Avoid Inertia. Evolve with an Advantage.

Advisory Services


Is your business stuck?

Can it be better?

We add ideas, perspective, and value without adding headcount.


Evolve with an expert.

Execution Services


There’s so much to do and manage.

We won’t leave you with ideas and no way to implement them.

Our resources make ideas happen.


Evolve with new endeavors.

Facilitation Services


Want more ideas for change, growth, and innovation?

Harness the value of your team beyond job descriptions.


Evolve through engagement.

Training Services


Need to change behavior, culture, add, or develop skills?

 Invest in your people to improve your bottom line.


Evolve through education.


Celebrating Failure

Do you want employees who only color in the lines, with the crayons or markers you’ve provided? What kind of value should your employees add? Does your culture support the people you need?

The Business Case Behind Your Legal Case

Being “right” doesn’t always mean it makes good business sense. Consider your options and the consequences.

Don’t Judge a Book by Its Title

As a business owner, it’s easy to get used to playing every role in your business. However, you don’t need to be excellent at everything. Be honest about what you want to do and what you’re great. Find others to fill the gaps.

Understanding Strategy

When hearing about shiny new tactics that “every” business should be using, make sure you stop and think. Strategy may not be as sexy as social media, but there’s a reason it’s still discussed.

Avoid Inertia.

How will you evolve?

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