A business plan can be a powerful tool. At its most basic, it should bring life to your vision in a compelling manner that meticulously addresses the details of how it will be done-be it a launch, growth, expansion or a complete transformation. The Degania Group has produced plans to:
  • Attract investors
  • Formalize strategy
  • Design or revise a business model
  • Document marketing plans, tactics and budgets
  • Develop financial models
  • Detail the structure of partnerships, alliances and mergers
  • Create an outline for operations, scalability and expansion
  • Assess the feasibility of changes
  • Plan for succession
The Degania Group's services provide options suitable for first-time entrepreneurs through established business owners. We provide:
  • Venture development: build your vision into a well-crafted plan and roadmap
  • Plan refinement: based on your existing materials, your content is edited and positioned to resonate with its intended audience
  • Plan management: provide direction and feedback to the do-it-yourselfers on developing the plans-as well as executing them
  • Concept and plan review: an objective review of your ideas, plan, strategies and materials
  • Presentation development: extract the key points of your plan for a short, engaging pitch that captures the interest of the target audience
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